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Welcome to the Virginia Beach Angler's Club!

"A Family Oriented Angler's Club"

We welcome new members!

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, October 5th @ 7:30pm

Speakers: VBAC will host Captain Daniel LeGrande of LeGrande Slam Sportfishing Charters.  Daniel will share techniques and secrets of catching rockfish.  Just in time as rockfish season is just starting. 

 Meeting Place: Foundry United Methodist Church on VA. Beach Blvd. next to Beach Ford.

VBAC Adopt a SPOT Cleanup Crew

Another successful cleanup effort!

Next cleanup: September 9th, 2017 @ Crab Creek

Our Mission:

The purpose of the VBAC is to encourage sport fishing, both freshwater and saltwater, while supporting prudent governmental and other policies that promote the preservation, conservation and ecology of all marine life.

Our Objectives:

  • Monitor legislative and regulatory activities relating to management of local and regional fisheries and participating actively, where appropriate, to assure the adoption of sound management policy and practices that best serve the interests of VBAC members.

  • Promote interest and participation in recreational angling by conducting programs and activities that encourage sport fishing.

  • Educate members and others in the techniques of sport fishing to enhance their enjoyment of the sport.

  • Conduct social activities that create a wholesome climate for deriving the maximum pleasure from sport fishing by members, their families and guests.

  • Plan and conduct fund raising activities to provide the revenues needed to support these objectives.



President: Larry Regula
1st Vice President: George Gabriel
2nd Vice President: Bob Stuhlman
Treasurer: Mike Anderson
Recording Secretary: Russell Willoughby
Corresponding Secretary: Kelly Hoggard


Gary Doerhoff Jerry Hughes Jerry Mariano
Bob Burstein Robbie Parks Dave Reynolds
Ronnie Nixon Preston Mangum Butch Eason

P.O. Box 8602
Virginia Beach, VA 23450