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Special event at Ocean's East

The Virginia Beach Anglers Club will have a table at Ocean's East on Saturday, April 24th to welcome back our regular members and solicit new members. We will be there from 7am to noon with free coffee and donuts for all. Please stop by, have some coffee, and say Hi.


The Club Challenge between Virginia Beach Anglers Club, Norfolk Anglers Club, Portsmouth Anglers Club and the Great Bridge Fisherman Association is scheduled for Saturday, May 15, 2021.  The tournament is based out of Portsmouth City Park.  Each club may enter up to 5 boats with a maximum of 3 anglers.  tournament fishing area is limited from 500 yards east of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel into the lower  bay, Elizabeth River, James River, their tributaries and further in.  Eligible species include croaker, blue fish and summer flounder.  Points are scored based on length of fish.  At the completion of the weigh in there will be a barbecue hosted by the team to finish last the previous year.
                  Lines In: 7:00 AM
                  Measure In: Starts at 12:30 ends at 1:30 PM
                  The club is sponsoring 5 boats and crews - Submit you boat and crew ASAP!
                  Winning club has their name engraved on the coveted HUNT FOR HARD HEADS TROPHY
                  (AND BRAGGING RIGHTS!)

                     1. Team Captains must be club members.
                     2.  Boats may depart from any Virginia port.
                     3.  If an exact length tie is encountered a girth measurement will decide the winner.                      4. Points Structure...The longest legal fish of each species will earn 5 points, the 2nd longest legal fish earns 4 points, 3rd longest legal fish earns 3 points, 4th longest legal fish earns 2 points, and the 5th longest fish earns 1 point.
                     5.  The Club with the Most Points Wins!

Bob Stuhlman
Corresponding Secretary

VBAC 1st Annual Fish Fry!

VBAC Lead Pouring Party!

VBAC has fishing weights in various sizes and shapes. These weights are from past lead pouring parties or donations from club members. If you are in need of lead weights, please contact Michael Anderson (757-481-1296) to make arrangements to retrieve what you actually need and can use. In addition, if you have weights that you will never use, your donations of these weights to the club cache for either distribution or remelting/pouring, would be appreciated. Please contact Michael Anderson to pick up your lead.

The VBAC is planning a lead pouring party for VBAC members on Saturday, May 1, 2021. The club has a considerable number of molds at your disposal. If you have other molds that could be used by the club, please let Michael Anderson know so that he can get the other parts necessary to make the weights. If you are interested in attending the lead pouring party, please contact Michael Anderson so we know how many to plan to be there. Please review the list of available weights and molds.

Contact Michael Anderson with any questions.

Click here for list of available weights and molds...

Bob Stuhlman
Corresponding Secretary

2022 Calendar Photos

Virginia Game Fish Tagging Program

2021 Club photo contest!

The Board of Directors and the Prize Fish Committee have refreshed and updated a photo contest open to all club members. For 2021 and beyond, a $50 cash prize will be awarded to the club member who submits the winning photo. For the club fishing roulette and monthly prize fish submissions, a photo of the angler, with his/her catch, is desired. All other roulette rules remain unchanged. A committee, comprised of Board members, will evaluate all photo submissions and select a winning photo.

Bob Stuhlman
Corresponding Secretary


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