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Seton Youth Fishing Day

The VBAC Seton Youth Fishing Day, which was originally scheduled in June and rescheduled for August 19th, is fast approaching! Volunteers for the event are in high demand. The club needs as many volunteers as possible to assist with helping the kids and mentors on the boat. The club will take all the kids and mentors out for a half-day of fishing aboard the Judith Anne head boat.

Club participants need to be present by 10:30AM. The boat will leave shortly after 11:00AM VBAC Volunteers Arrive 10:30 AM

Ocean View Fishing Pier
414 W Ocean View Ave Norfolk, VA 23503

All volunteers should meet in the overflow parking area. If you have any questions about the event or to enlist your services on the boat, please call Kelly Hoggard (757) 416-8817.

See you all next Saturday,

Kelly Hoggard
Corresponding Secretary

Fall Surf Fishing Tournament Openings


The Virginia Beach Anglers Club has a couple of openings for our surf fishing tournaments scheduled in September.

Hatteras Village Surf Fishing Tournament (NC)
September 7-10, 2017

Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Tournament (NJ)
September 23, 2017

Any interested participants should contact Robbie Parks immediately for travel/schedule/lodging/financial details.

Robbie Parks - (757) 435-4585

Kelly Hoggard
Corresponding Secretary

2017 Fish of the Month Competition

Much like last year, the club will be featuring a Fish of the Month competition open to all members. One fish will be designated each month as the 'fish of the month'.  The 'longest' fish measured in that species for the month will win a $30 cash prize from the club.  The competition will run March through December of 2017.

There are only a couple of basic rules: 

1-  The competition is based on the fishes total length. (There is no minimum length requirement to win).
2-  Your fish must have a photo with its verified length visible in the picture via a ruler or tape measure behind the fish.  (Please note: Take multiple pictures so you can have one of the fishes length and one of you holding your catch!)
3-  You must submit the photo(s) along with a short caption about your fishing experience for the newsletter. 
4-  The fish must meet the general requirements of the club prize fish contest.

March: Catfish (any species)
April: Crappie

The prize fish forms are on this website in the Menu under "Club Resources".
The competition will be discussed at all future meetings.

Go on out there and catch some fish!

Kelly Hoggard
Corresponding Secretary
Virginia Beach Anglers Club

Club News!

VBAC Sponsored Tautog Trip (Fishing April 1st/Drawing March 2nd):  As mentioned in the January Newsletter, the club is subsidizing half of the cost of a tautog trip for 8 aboard the Ocean Pearl.  To be eligible for the trip, you must have your 2017 membership dues paid by the Thursday, March 2nd, meeting.  You must prepay your share of the cost of the trip ($70 includes tip) to enter the raffle.  The first 8 who are selected will go fishing and the remaining people will be placed on an alternates list and refunded their money.  You may enter for the drawing at any time between now and the March meeting.  See Bob Burstein to enter the raffle.  Additional information and a full explanation is provided in the January-March newsletters.  PLEASE NOTE: INITIALLY, THE DRAWING WAS TO BE IN FEBRUARY BUT HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO THE MARCH GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING.

2017 Memberships:  Don’t forget to pay for your 2017 membership at the February meeting if you haven't already done so.  There are dozens of benefits to each membership and they must be paid in order to be able to take advantage of any club sponsored event. 

Kelly Hoggard
Corresponding Secretary

Lead Pouring Event!


Michael Anderson is organizing a lead pouring event for next spring.  To prepare ourselves, Mike needs to know what type and size of weights or jig heads you would like to make or have.  The club will be purchasing/borrowing lead molds and will prepare accordingly to your requests. 

Our current stock includes:  Bank, Pyramid, River Bank, Egg, Bass Casting and a variety of Jig Head molds.

For your viewing pleasure, you can visit Do-It Molds:


Michael Anderson:  Phone: (757) 481-1296

Call him for any information or requests regarding the lead pouring.  If you are unsure of your needs, don't hesitate to call Mike.

Also, if you have any lead, please inform him so we can make arrangements to pick it up and have it ready for the event.


Kelly Hoggard
Corresponding Secretary
Virginia Beach Anglers Club

Lynnhaven Fishing Pier Results – August 14th

We had a smaller turnout most likely due to the very HOT day; however, it was still a good day and we had 18 fish measured.  The two adult winners were Joe Kuftak and Joyce Morris.  They split the $150 as there were no bluefish measured for the day.  Patty Searby, a competitive pier fisherwomen in our club, is sister to Joyce who drove from NC to compete. Jeremy W. Jr. won the youth division with a big spot.  Congratulations to the three of them, and thank you to all of the contestants.  Big thanks to all the club members who came out to help.

Goodbyes and Sad Farewell

Unfortunately, this month marks the end of a great friendship our club has with a pair of good fishermen.  Joe and Mario Kuftak have been competing at almost every pier tournament we have held to date.  They have moved to the west coast and took time to fish our tournament one last time during a busy day of packing.  Mario has been a repeat offender in our Youth Division winners list, taking top prize almost every month he has fished.  We are sad to see the two of you go.  Tight lines and fair winds gentlemen.

Adult Division Winners

Croaker – 9 3/4 in. – Joe Kuftak
Bluefish – No Entry                                      
Roundhead – 8 3/8 in. – Joyce Morris

Kids Division Winner

Spot – 8 5/8 in. – Jeremy W. Jr.

VBAC Rockfish Rodeo:

The 2014 Rockfish Rodeo was again based out of Capt. Max Kings Marine. There was an overnight forecast for windy conditions that kept a few crews from making the attempt to fish. The handful that came out battled for first place in our annual tournament. Team Red Hawk pulled in a monster trophy bass that weighed in at 50.85 pounds! Thanks to all our sponsors that helped make this event successful. Murphy’s Irish Pub, Rodfather Custom Rods and Seatow.


2014 Oyster Roast
Sandbridge, Virginia Beach 08/25/2014

Great weather, great people and another great oyster roast!  One of the best turnouts that we've had in a while for this years event.  Jerry Mariano and the crew put together a great spread of food including sausages and peppers, hotdogs and hamburgers.  There were more oysters this year than we could eat and a few of us were stuffed after putting them all down.  Sides and desserts were brought by the members and guests who came out to enjoy the festivities.  As always; there was a lot of friendly chatter, some fishing and some corn hole board activities.  Team Regula still holding their own out there. 

A sneaky surprise in the morning when a potato launcher was used as an experimental caster for the surf rods being used.  For anyone interested, it works alot better than we thought.  A few fish were caught and the bluefish action is still decent on the pier down there for anyone who decides to make the drive on a nice day. 

This was also a great opportunity to learn more about the new members in the club.  For anyone who missed out, make sure you check your calendar and circle the date for next years event. 

Surf Fishing Report: Year to date Tournament Report 10/27/2014

The first tournament of the year is the Ocracoke Island Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament the first weekend in May each year. Our team finished in 18th place out of 80 teams. Returning to the team next year are: Steve Wray 6 fish/15 points, Butch Eason 6/7 & Jim Wisenburg 1/3.

Next is the first of the fall tournaments, Hatteras Village Civic Association Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament. We enter 2 teams in this event. Team “A” finished in 10th place with 8 fish for 35 points. The Top Man in this event was Jerry Hughes. He had 33 of the 35 points the team had, most of the points coming from a 24” Spanish mackerel. This fish was also the largest scoring fish other than a bluefish or drum in the tournament. Returning to next year’s team are Jerry Hughes 6/33, James Yandle 1/1 & Robbie Parks 1/1. Team “B” also made a very respectful showing finishing in 14th place with 16 fish for 29 points. Returning to next year’s team are Larry Regula 4/12, Cheryl Johnson 7/11 & Butch Eason 4/4.

Second of the fall tournaments is the Long Beach Island Fishing Club Tournament. This tournament is held on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. It is a short 1 day tournament but a lot of fun to fish. We almost had two 6 man teams in the tournament. Two men had to drop out and replacements could not be found. We fished with 5 men on each team. They score this tournament differently from the tournaments down south. There are minimum sizes and once these are reached the scoring is by total length of fish caught. Team “A” finished in 12th place with 12 fish and 230¾ points (inches of legal fish) and Team “B” finished with 15 fish and 176¾ points. Returning on Team “A” are Jerry Hughes 86 pts, Doug Wehner 53¼ pts & Robbie Parks 48¼ pts. And on Team “B” are Bill Manschreck 71 pts, Larry Regula 39¾ pts & Bob Stuhlman 37¾ pts.

The third of the fall tournaments is the Nags Head Surf Fishing Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament. This tournament was fished in early October and our team finished in 24th place with 15 fish for 42 points. Returning to next year’s tournament are Doug Wehner 6/16, Jerry Hughes 4/12 & Larry Regula 4/10. I will give the results of the Cape Hatteras Angler’s Club Invitational Tournament next month. The team will be there during the November meeting so wish them

Good Luck and Tight Lines!


Virginia Beach Anglers Club Fall Flea Market
October 11, 2014

The crew assembles at O dark 30 at Captain Max Kings Marine on shore drive. Wind and pouring rain starts off the morning around 5:30 when a couple dozen volunteers are all hands on deck for moving in the vendors. A little wet, all goes well and the doors open as scheduled at 7:30 am. As the sunshine breaks out, people pack in with a full parking lot. Nobody can resist the great selection of goods and prices. Most walk out with at least a fishing rod and a bag full of goodies. One man even took multiple trips to load up the boxes of goods he found as Christmas gifts. A great time had by all including the volunteers. For those who were parched after their long search, a freshly cooked menu was conveniently available. Many of our vendors are already looking forward to next years event.

Many thanks to the vendors who were part of the successful effort. A big thank you goes out to Bob Stuhlman for all the work he put in. Honorable mention going out to Mike Anderson, Bob Burstein, Pete Federico, George Gabriel, Kelly Hoggard, Preston Magnum, Jerry Mariano, Ronnie Nixon, Larry Regula, Robbie Parks, Russell Willoughby and each of the remaining volunteers for all the help.

Surf Fishing Report
Nags Head, North Carolina: October 9-10, 2014

With a nor'easter playing a large part in last years tournament, there was much hope for this year to be different.  Day one started just south of Jennette's Pier.  A stiff Northeast wind of 20+ mph gave a challenge to the teams.  Luck was on our side.  The wind pushed all the bluefish inshore where the bait were struggling in the surf.  Many bluefish were scored and it led to a 32 point, 6th place start after the first session.  Session two ended with a disappointing finish of only one fish scored.  The team was pushing hard to stay ahead of the pack in 18th place.  Day two started with high hopes.  Calmer seas and sunny conditions gave way but not much was working.  If it was small enough not to score, we caught plenty of it.  Small black drum, pompano, bluefish and roundhead dominated day two.  Eight points scored on day two with what seems like 100 fish caught.  With hopes dashed, the final production was 15 fish for 48 points. Good for a 24th place finish out of 80 teams. 
Returning for 2015 will be Doug Wehner (15pts), Jerry Hughes (12 pts) and Larry Regula (11 pts).  Rounding out the team was Carl McCoy (6pts), Kelly Hoggard (4pts) and Jim Wisenberg (0pts). 

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