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Club Surf Anglers needed!



The club is looking for members interested in fishing for our fall surf tournament teams. Each of our major fall tournaments have an opening on a surf team. 

Hatteras Village (NC): Friday Sept 9 & Saturday Sept 10.

Long Beach Island (NJ): Saturday Sept 24.

Nags Head (NC): Thursday Oct 6 & Friday Oct 7.

Cape Hatteras (NC): Thursday Nov 3 & Friday Nov 4. 

Basic Tournament Format:

Tournaments last for two days with four fishing sessions. The tournament usually fishes either a Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday. Club members drive their vehicle on the beach to their fishing spot and members without a vehicle can ride with those who have an ORV. The club rents a lodge for the team at a house and the lodge is available for you to stay the entire week (Sunday to Sunday). 

New tournament anglers can get paired with a tournament veteran to help guide them through a tournament. This is a great opportunity to for you to meet club members with similar fishing interests. You can also receive assistance with rigs/bait/tackle/rods etc. as needed. 

These tournaments coincide with the peak of the fall fishing season. Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime. 
Contact Kelly Hoggard to inquire about our fall surf fishing schedule. 

Kelly Hoggard
Cell: 757-416-8817
Surf Committee Chairman
Virginia Beach Anglers Club


2023 OBS Retreat Reservaton info!

VBAC Membership,

Due to the overwhelming success and demand for another event, the club will be hosting a 2023 OBX Camping and Fishing Retreat!

Our 2023 event will feature a memorial fishing tournament for Mark Wray and banquet. There is limited time to make a reservation and it should be done ASAP. Contact Kelly (757) 416-8817 if youíre an individual looking to be part of a group. If you would rather stay in an RV/Tent site, you should call to make your reservation and let them know youíre part of the VBAC event. Additional reservation details are included on the attached flier.


Call the Frisco Woods Campground at (252) 995-5208 Tell them you are part of a group reservation with the Virginia Beach Anglers Club for June 9/10/11, 2023 (those interested in staying longer should do so by adjusting your date range) Select your desired cabin and pay a deposit Call or Email Kelly to inform him which unit you have reserved and who your party contains

Click here for more info...

Donít hesitate to contact me with any questions about the event.

Kelly Hoggard Cell: 757-416-8817
Surf Committee Chairman Virginia Beach Anglers Club

May Membership Meeting!

2022 Surf Tournament Teams

Drawings for the 2022 surf tournament teams were held at the February and March Meetings. We have numerous openings in many of our upcoming surf tournaments. These include:

Ocracoke, NC in April
Hatteras Village, NC in September
Nags Head, NC in October
Cape Hatteras, NC in November.

Basic Tournament Outline:

VBAC rents a cottage for each team for a full week of the tournament, usually Sunday to Sunday. The six anglers of a team split the cost of their lodging for the week; usually around $180 to $200 per angler for the entire week. Team members can arrive and leave the lodging on any day as their schedule permits (example: arrive Wednesday evening and leave Saturday morning). Each angler shall commit to fishing the entirety of the tournament.

Tournament fishing days are usually Thursday and Friday. Tournament fishing occurs one morning and one afternoon on each day, with a total of four sessions. Each session is about 3 hours in length. There is a lengthy break in between fishing sessions to eat lunch and relax before heading back out on the beach.

These tournaments host 80 to 120 teams each. Team members fish together in an assigned area. Fish are scored by length. A variety of team and individual awards are awarded by the tournament committee. There is a banquet/raffle/etc. at the conclusion of the tournament.

The Virginia Beach Anglers Club is looking for interested fisherman to help field our teams. For those new to surf fishing or lacking tournament experience, we can pair you with a tournament veteran to help guide your fishing experiences before and during the tournaments. Itís common to share rigs, bait, knowledge, and other tactical information during a tournament to help everyone contribute to the teams success. There is plenty of time between now and our tournament schedule. Included in our own clubs activities are three bragging rights tournaments during the summer (intra-club surf series). Many of our anglers also fish recreationally outside the tournament schedule. These opportunities will provide many learning experiences for those looking to learn more about surf fishing.

These tournaments are as much about the enjoyment of the outdoors and fishing as anything. Many of our teams include father/son pairs or lifelong surf angling friends. The most important part is that you fish hard in the tournament and have a fun time fishing together.

The Surf Committee is chaired by Kelly Hoggard. He is one of our expert surf anglers and is happy to help with your fishing questions at any time. You can contact him directly for information regarding surf tournaments or surf fishing at any time.

Cell: 757-416-8817

Kelly Hoggard Surf Committee Chair
Virginia Beach Anglers Club

VBAC Christmas Party

The Virginia Beach Anglers Club annual Christmas party was held on Thursday, December 2, 2021 at Foundry Methodist Church.  The dinner was a potluck affair with members bringing hot dishes and desserts for all in attendance.  We asked members to bring an unwrapped toy for the USMC Toys For Tots program and to bring canned goods for our host church food program.  Members responded wonderfully, filling two tables with donations.  The Yeti Cooler was raffled off and won by our very own Jerry Mariano.  Numerous Pointe Settas and Christmas cheer items were also raffled.  The 2022 VBAC Calendar was distributed to all members present.  The only business conducted was our annual election. 

The results were: 

President - Chris Schneider
1st Vice President - Mark Lozier
Treasurer - Mike Anderson
Recording secretary - Russell Wiloughby
Corresponding Secretary - Bob Stuhlman

Board members for a three year term:

Jerry Mariano
Preston Mangum
Lou Corigliano 

The pictures were provided by Patty Serby.


Stan Sutliff Memorial Surf Fishing Tournament

October 2nd, 2021

Little Island Park, Sandbridge VA

A big thank you to all the anglers, volunteers, guests and the Sutliff family for being a part of the Stan Sutliff Memorial Tournament. We had 44 friendly faces come out to show supports on Saturday, October the 2nd. We were blessed to welcome many of Stanís family members to enjoy the beach and banquet. 26 anglers participated in the tournament representing all 4 southside fishing clubs. Tidewater Anglers Club, Norfolk Anglers Club, Great Bridge Fishermanís Association and the Virginia Beach Anglers Club all joined together to celebrate the life of Stan and compete in his honor. Weíd like to thank both the Virginia Saltwater Sportsmanís Association and Great Bridge Fishermanís Association for their generous donations to the tournament as well as the individuals that provided some form of contribution. Anglers competed for over $800 in cash and prizes and were rewarded with a free Pulled Pork BBQ lunch with sides.

The day was filled with sunny skies and light winds all morning. Many fish were caught but few scored. Anglers faced a calm but difficult surf with low tide approaching and only roundhead were able to score during the tournament. Four anglers made the final leader board and third place was decided via tie breaker. There were no youth anglers to score fish but each of the seven youth anglers walked away with a gift to apply to their fishing dreams. No bluefish or red drum were scored for the largest fish of those species. The first place roundhead catch walked away with $250! Multiple door prizes were given out to the anglers in the competition.

We plan to host this tournament again in 2022 and hope to see you all there!


With careful planning and great expectations, we struggled these past two years to achieve our goals for the Seton Youth children. After several starts and stops, 2020 was cancelled completely. We had hoped that 2021 would be better but. as much effort that we put in, the turnout was minimal. This year, the Seton Youth management required that their mentors sign a COVID release form, in order for the mentor to be able to take a child to an event. Needless to say, many mentors were not willing to sign the form, for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the number of children available to participate was drastically reduced.

The event held this year took place on Saturday, September 25th. The day was delightful, but unfortunately, we hosted only a few children. Being that our numbers were so low, we have decided to refund the VMRC Grant money for 2021 as we did in 2020. Since our actual event was well below the numbers we had proposed to VMRC , I think that it is critical that we return the funds in order to preserve our ability to draw additional grant funds in the future. We can only hope that 2022 is a better year for both VBAC and Seton Youth.

Bob Stuhlman
Corresponding Secretary


The VBAC oyster roast was held this past Saturday, October 16th, at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s facility at Pleasure House Point. The oyster roast is free to members and their family – one of the great perks for membership in the VBAC. We had 55 members and 3 guests present that day. The weather was perfect, which I personally arranged, and I think, everyone had a great time.

Pat Searby’s 50/50 raffle took in a total of $555.00, $277.00 for the club and $278.00 to the winner – Mark Wray. Patty also had 3 other prizes: a bloody mary basket which was won by Russell’s friend Mary, a rod and reel combo won by Marshall Weathers, and a $60.00 gift certificate to Oceans East won by Sue Smith.

Russell and Mike Anderson cooked the oysters, George Gabriel made the bloody marys and under Gerry Mariano’s direction, Mark Wray, Chris Schnieder, and Lou Corigliano cooked everything else. Chicken, hot dogs, chili, and BBQ. Many members brought side dishes and desserts. All told, we had a ton of food! We hope you enjoy our pictures which show who was there and what a great time they had.


National Park Service Kids Fishing Clinic

Our first session of the Kids Fishing Clinic sponsored by the National Park Service was held on the beach south of Sandbridge on Thursday, July 1st, and was a great success. The day’s weather was perfect, we had several children and they all caught fish. The high hook was a child from Indiana, who caught 8 fish, all croakers & spots. The highlight of the day, however, was when Kelly Hoggard showed the children how to catch sand fleas to use as bait. They spent as much time catching sand fleas as they did catching fish!

     The NPS provided all the equipment and the bait, VBAC & NAC members provided the time and talent necessary for the children to be successful in their first surf fishing endeavour. VBAC members present were: Bob Stulhman, Carl McCoy, Kelly Hoggard and myself. From NAC, Will Bransom joined us. Our next event is scheduled for Thursday, July 15th. We are also planning to hold fishing clinics on Thursday, July 29th and Thursday, August 12th. We start at 8am and are done around noon. If you can come out and give us and the kids a hand, please call me @ 267-994-7423. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Virginia Beach Anglers Club
2020 Awards Banquet BBQ!

VBAC Lead Pouring Party

On Saturday May 1st club members met at Mike Andersonís home to hold a Lead Pouring Party. Approximately 15 Ė 20 members poured lead from 10:00 to 2:00. The club provided a lunch spread that was set by Mikeís wife Leslie. Members poured numerous weights in various sizes and shapes. Some of the available weights were from past lead pouring parties or donations from club members. If you are in need of lead weights, please contact Michael Anderson (757-481-1296) to make arrangements to retrieve what you actually need and can use. In addition, if you have weights that you will never use, your donations of these weights to the club cache for either distribution or remelting/pouring, would be appreciated. Please contact Michael Anderson to drop off your excess lead.

Bob Stuhlman
Corresponding Secretary VBAC



The Club Challenge between local fishing clubs was held on Saturday, May 15, 2021.  The tournament was based out of Portsmouth City Park.  The VBAC entered three boats skippered by Russel Willoughby, Ron Anoia and Dave Steele.  Weather was great, however catching the targeted species of croaker, flounder and blue fish was limited.  A post tournament box lunch of fried chicken was provided by the Portsmouth Anglers Club.  The Great Bridge Fishing Association won the tournament.  The Virginia Beach Anglers Club took home the Bronze Trophy.  Thanks to the Portsmouth Anglers Club for hosting the event and thanks to club members who stepped up and fished the tournament.

Bob Stuhlman
Corresponding Secretary

VBAC 1st Annual Fish Fry!

2021 Club photo contest!

The Board of Directors and the Prize Fish Committee have refreshed and updated a photo contest open to all club members. For 2021 and beyond, a $50 cash prize will be awarded to the club member who submits the winning photo. For the club fishing roulette and monthly prize fish submissions, a photo of the angler, with his/her catch, is desired. All other roulette rules remain unchanged. A committee, comprised of Board members, will evaluate all photo submissions and select a winning photo.

Bob Stuhlman
Corresponding Secretary


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